Sunday, December 10, 2006

77)Symbolism and allegory in the natural world.

Is there an event in nature, an 'ayat' or a 'sign', that can serve as an allegory for the emanation of hierachical knowledge starting from the celestial inspiration of Universal Intellect and ending in the multi-dimensional world of the material universe? Is there a ubiquitous event, similar to the process of photosynthesis I described in an earlier post, that one can seize upon as a metaphor for the created order that our present Imam recently referred to as "God's creation"? Keep an eye out for my thoughts on this, which will make up no. 7 in my Ayats(Signs) in the Universe series.


Islam, eminently logical, placing the greatest emphasis on knowledge, purports to understand God's creation:Aga Khan 4.
The God of the Quran is the One whose Ayats(Signs) are the Universe in which we live, move and have our being:Aga Khan 3