Friday, December 8, 2006

17)Superstring theory

Here is a transplant from another forum that I contribute to delineating how current efforts in theoretical physics are geared towards trying to reconcile the 2 biggest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics:

Since the mid-1980s theoretical physicists have suggested Superstring theory to bridge the gap between Einstein's theory of Relativity dealing with macroscopic objects(stars, planets,etc) and Quantum mechanics and theory, dealing with submicroscopic particles(atoms,protons, quarks,etc).
The suggestion is that the Higgs field or boson is a field that we are all immersed in and that tiny strings(either straight or in loops, the most fundamental particles of matter), when they vibrate in a certain way or configuration, interact with the Higgs Field to produce the particles we have become familiar with, ie, quarks, neutrinos, photons, electrons, protons, neutrons,etc. Some have given the example of stretching your arm outward and then trying to move it back and forth-the inertia or resistance we experience in trying to do that movement is caused by the Higgs field.
The CERN supercollider in Switzerland was designed to look for the Higgs field and will come online in 2007. Stay tuned because if the Higgs field or particle(boson) is discovered, it will further validate much of the research done over the past few decades in particle physics.


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