Wednesday, January 31, 2007

125)Another one of those off-topic posts.

Every once in a while I deliberately go off topic to remind myself that there is a world out there outside the heady realm of science and religion in Islam. This post is one such venture out into the crispy fresh air to take a deep breath and re-energize. I did this once before with the story of my good friend Bryan and our lottery ticket capers(see blogpost 101).

About 1-2 weeks ago I was surfing a website I visit often, called Ismaili Mail,

This, IMHO, is a fast-moving, dynamic, very impressive and very popular website worldwide(see the number of hits it has received in its relatively short time of existence). There is a large variety of articles posted on this website that deal with anything Ismaili, especially those related to our Imam's activities world-wide. I came accross an article related to the cuisine of Ismaili groups in Hyderabad, India and enjoyed it very much. This prompted me to recommend another article about a recipe book authored by an aunt of mine(my late father's cousin), called "Mamajee's Kitchen", by Lella Umedaly of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Ismaili Mail Web Administrator graciously accepted my submission and it was posted on the website on January 25th 2007. To everyone elses surprise(but not to mine) it shot to the top-visited post and stayed there for 3 days(In a microcosmic way thats like being number one on the New York Times bestseller list for 3 weeks). As of today, January 31st 2007, it is still in the top half of the top-ten most visited articles on the Ismaili Mail website.

For selfish reasons I am posting a link to one section(called "My Life") of the "Mamajee's Kitchen" website, relating to the rich and diverse family history of this author, a good portion of which also happens to be my own family history. If you want to know something about easynash other than what you see on my blogsite profile, visit the following link:

To situate me in that family pedigree, I am the grandson of Rajabali Velshi(Keshavjee), "Uncle Rajabali" in the quoted text, the eldest son of his eldest son Rehmtulla Velshi.

To read the article as it appears on the Ismaili Mail website, visit

and find it under the Top Posts heading.

I highly recommend that you visit the Ismaili Mail website, which appears on the suggested links section on my blogsite. You will be hooked!


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